Monday, January 24, 2011

Reports from le Week-end

It's been a few days since the last post, but that's because it was a rather busy weekend (minus Sunday).  And a delicious one, at that.  My friend Kavitha and I had a little dinner and catching up Friday evening over some Chicken Adobo.  Sam Sifton of The New York Times had posted an enticing recipe.  The result is nothing short of fucking amazing... one thing, though- I took one look at the recipe and decided that it needed onions. I'd like to think I was right because it tasted fucking amazing, but I haven't tried it without them for comparison.

chicken adobo, steamed broccolini with ginger, steamed rice

To start, Kavitha had also made this really tasty warmed goat cheese rolled in chives and topped with fennel cooked in truffle oil and honey. Spread over crackers, this was a rather welcome attack on the taste buds.  Totally have to try to make this.

warm goat cheese, chives, fennel in truffle oil and honey

And to finish, flambeed crepes suzenne! I had never made crepes before, so she let me do the honors with the actual cooking part. My dexterous wrist action is apparently renowned. All this needed was a dollop of whipped cream...

crepes suzenne

And of course, I couldn't help but show off my crepe-making skills and made about 45 of them the next day for a GTKayak party.

i am a crepe master!

Sunday was a lazy day with a minor hangover. Good leftovers to be had, though.  There was still some of the braised beef ribs remaining in the fridge.  Added a chopped onion omelet, steamed some broccoli with miso paste and ate it all over a bed of rice noodles and ramen stock. Lazy Sundays are good.

leftover braised beef ribs,  onion omelet, miso steamed broccoli over rice noodles and ramen stock

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