Sunday, January 16, 2011

Improvised BBQ Pork Fried Rice

I have to say that this one came out pretty damn good. A week ago, I made a ramen soup stock using pork bones. I always save the scrap meat from those bones because after cooking in that stock for hours, the meat pulls right off, just like pulled pork, maybe even more tender. I also had about two cups of leftover steamed rice in the cooker and onions and scallions on hand.

scraps from pork bones with Chinese BBQ sauce, Sriracha

Too fucking easy. I tossed the pork in a Chinese BBQ sauce, sesame oil and some Sriracha, put it under the broiler to toast up and char. Sauteed some chopped onions, added the rice, then incorporated the pork and some scallions. Done. And ridiculously delicious.

leftovers come together for an improvised BBQ pork fried rice

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