Monday, January 31, 2011

Picnic in the Park

Atlanta has had a sudden string of golden weather. Two weeks ago the city was covered in snow and ice.  This weekend was 70 and sunny. Why not enjoy a picnic in the park? Inspired by the Hankook Taqueria's Korean tacos, I took a similar direction and made my own. I roasted a boston butt for a few hours to make some pulled pork, seasoned that with some Chinese BBQ sauce. Then I made what I call a garlic cooked slaw which is a spin on what my mom would make all the time back home.  And then I mixed up a honey Sriracha mayo for a quick sauce. Easy and damn cheap.  About six people showed up and there were leftovers.  All for about 10 bucks.

Chinese BBQ pulled pork tacos with garlic cooked slaw and honey Sriracha mayo


  1. And they were dang tasty! Would definitely recommend others trying this one (and inviting me).