Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fried Eggs on Pizza

[Just based on what food I've photographed and posted thus far, I think it's pretty evident that I'm in love with eggs- poached, fried, scrambled... yeah.]

My wonderful friend Anna hosted her own birthday party last night with "make your own pizza," as she's done for the past three years. She makes the dough and the sauce- the guests bring toppings. Also, "The keg has been ordered. If you want other beverages, please don't bring them. I need you to drink PBR." Pretty epic, haha.

Johanna getting praise for her most excellently rounded pie dough

I brought my tiny saucepan, lid and a dozen eggs! Two years ago when I did this, there was a rather tepid response, but something was in the air last night. Maybe I just had the technique down or eggs have been more prevalent in cuisine, but the other guests could not get enough of it. I didn't know most of them and they just kept coming up to me randomly in between my swigs of beer, "Those eggs..." Lol. Almost comical.

fried egg on pizza!

But yeah. You see this in a lot of pizza places abroad... France, Italy... the runny yolk goes really well with a subtly spicy tomato sauce. It drips and gets all over the place, but then you just take the crust and mop it all up. Yum.

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