Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ich Bin Ein Hamburger?

I almost forgot about this. On Saturday, I kayaked 25km. On Sunday, I ran a half marathon. Never again will I attempt such idiocy in one weekend. I say that.

At any rate, after the run I needed something to make me feel better. My running mate Josh and I decided to hit up Cypress Street Pint and Plate for their $3 house draught (which is a local Sweetwater IPA!). Additionally, I ordered the monster of all burgers, their Cypress Sublime Burger: "Cypress Burger topped with applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar, barbecue sauce, topped with TWO local Sublime glazed donuts as the bun." Of course, I asked them to add a fried egg! This, ladies and gentlemen, is Atlanta in a meal.

Cypress Sublime Burger

It was delicious! Definitely a fork and knife type of burger- the French would be proud- but dang, this is what brunch ought to be! Sweet, savory, gooey, meaty, gummy, full of fried, full of smokiness and full of soul.

But I'm insatiable, so I scoured the menu in search of something more. I was also quite drunk by this point after two IPAs (after a 13.1 mile run, mind you). Poutine, anyone? Not on the menu, but they have fries. They have breakfast gravy for biscuits. They have bacon. This is anything but traditional, but we're not in Canada, anyway, so it matters not. The server was surprisingly accommodating and put the order in.

Brunch Poutine?

Most certainly drunk food. Their breakfast gravy had a bit of a kick to it, but overall, I was satisfied. Like Canadian cheese fries, but with gravy instead of cheese. Genius.

Now I gotta detox and run another half marathon to work this all off.

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