Sunday, April 24, 2011

Shoe Box Fried Chicken

It's been such a lovely weekend. I got to tag along for a trip to the Dekalb Farmer's Market and pick up some much needed fruits and veggies. I also got some pork belly for some culinary fun later this week. Additionally, I got together with some friends and had a picnic in Piedmont Park. We got under the shade of a big tree, ate fried chicken, caprese salad, grapes and fresh baked bread. We read from David Wondrich's Punch and laughed at how preposterous so many of the recipes sounded. And then we laid there for an hour and did nothing.

The fried chicken I made was surprisingly good. I've decided that I hate deep frying foods. I mean, I love deep fried foods, but it's such a hassle to actually do it at home. At any rate, I figured that some wings (surprise!) would be super easy. No batter- just a flour/corn starch/old bay dredge. Aside from the mess of the job, the wings turned out fabulously.

shoebox fried chicken

I then tweaked a sriracha sauce with some soy and ginger, plopped everything in a paper bag lined shoe box and there ya have it! Shoe box fried chicken! (dunno why they look so small in the pic)

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