Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Meat Glaze For Meat

Dinner tonight was ridiculously fabulous. Pork chops with a fragrant anise/ginger meat glaze (same glaze I had used for the chicken wings a few weeks ago), roasted beets tossed in fresh squeezed orange juice and garlic roasted asparagus. We started with a super tasty potato fennel soup. This was mostly Michael cooking. My contributions were the anise/ginger meat glaze and the asparagus. And then some obese macerated strawberries to finish :)

roasted asparagus tossed with minced garlic

potato fennel soup

pan seared pork chops with anise/ginger meat glaze, roasted beets tossed in fresh squeezed orange juice, roasted asparagus tossed in minced garlic.

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