Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Coming Soon: Chairman Hu's Pork Belly

A friend and I are working on a competition entry for a local event. We're using the basis of my creation here and its near-winning entry here as a starting point. Probably not deviating much, but adjusting where necessary to WIN. With all the pork belly lying around, I've been playing with a new idea: Chairman Hu's Pork Belly. Ya know, as like a contemporary response to General Tso's Chicken.

These are red chiles I'm experimenting with in a sweet pickling process (candied version was too hard/crunchy/chewy). I didn't cook them long enough, so I decided to just chop them up, instead. Gives a good kick. But I need to retreat from this hoity-toity stuff below. Consider it a work in progress. Needs sauce. Needs rice.

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